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Ron Long

Ron is an Edmonton based voice teacher and performer. He is the first and only Estill Master Trainer in Alberta. It is a worldwide organization that teaches an anatomy based and scientific approach to voice production that helps students speak and sing in many different vocal qualities including belting and opera. He regularly teaches Belting Workshops and provides introduction courses to Estill Voice Work. Check out his website for upcoming workshops - www.ronlong.ca. He also regularly adjudicates Music Festivals around the province. Ron has also completed a course as a Certified Yoga Teacher (but has never taught a class) and is a Reiki Master. Ron completed a Master of Music from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in Opera and Musical Theatre. He is a member of Equity, the Canadian actors union and has performed with Edmonton Opera in many roles. Ron teaches in his home on the northside in the neighbourhood of Griesbach and as well teaches downtown at MacEwan’s Conservatory of Music at the Alberta College Campus. Ron’s students include chorus members of Edmonton Opera, local amateur musical theatre performers, other voice teachers and anyone interested in learning more about how to use their voice. His schedule is very full but he always has time for consultations and vocal coachings. He specializes in audition prep. Please check out his website for videos of performing, his blog, and his weekly summer of 2018 Singing Column with Mark Connolly on CBC radio’s Edmonton Am.

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